Russian government

The Cabinet has given nearly 70 billion rubles for road projects in the regions. The corresponding decree appeared on the  website of the Government on Tuesday, March 10.

“Signed a decree approved the Rules for the provision and distribution in 2015 of inter-budget transfers from the federal budget to the budgets of the Federation on the implementation of the activities of regional programs in the sphere of road economy”, – said in the ruling.

The document notes that the budget for 2015 provided for the provision of inter-budget transfers to the federal budget to the budgets of the region. In total, the sub-program “Road maintenance” state program “Development of transport system” has been allocated 69,319,000 thousand.

“It is also co-financed projects within the framework of achieving the targets of regional programs in the road sector, the development and increasing the capacity of the network of public roads of regional, inter-municipal and local importance”, – says the decision.