Delivery of fuel and exportation

Delivery of fuel

Transportation of petroleum products across Russia and overseas requires constant hard work. We have our own fleet for delivering petroleum product across Russia and do have reliable vessel handlers for exportation of crude oil. This allow us to provide to our clients services in transportation of various kinds of light oil products: diesel fuel, gasoline, diesel, fuel, kerosene, and more.

Methods of Deliveries

  • Railway
  • Fuel Tankers
  • Farm Tank
  • Vessel/Tankers
  • Trunk Pipeline
  • Pickup From Refineries

Advantages of working with us

You can be absolutely sure that your order will be delivered on time and under strict safety rules. Having a vast experience in the field of oil transportation company, we can help determine the most optimal route and choose the most favorable transport conditions.
As we all know, fuel is one dangerous goods. For transportation we use only special tankers which their status are always carefully monitored. The entire truck fleet must always pass technical inspection, repair, and maintenance before commencing with delivery.
Only professional drivers working in our team, experience of not less than 15 years. All of them have extensive experience in the delivery of various oil products by road. In addition, drivers are constantly retraining, as well as improve their skills.

Petroleum product exportations

Since the high demands of crude oil worldwide they are a few countries that are able and licensed  to refine crude oil into the use for automobiles industry, aviation, marine, heating etc..

The top ten crude oil producers in the world which includes Saudi Arabia, United States, China, Iran, Canada, United Arab Emirates and Venezuela in which Russia comes up first with over 64% of 544MT in 2012 according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Russia is a big market for petroleum buyers and with strict exportation laws of Russia to export crude oil overseas has been a big headache for both local and international firms, most seller’s in Russia only have the license to transact within the territory of Russia alone but they are very few oil companies in Russia that have the license to both transact in Russia and export petroleum products out of Russia territory.

Oil Consumptions Chart


Neftechemservis LLC have been in the business of selling petroleum products both local and outside Russia territory with China and South America which are our biggest market since 2006.

We have intense performance and excellent track records in exporting crude oil product such as M100, Diesel Gasoline, Jet Fuel overseas.

We have all necessary permit documentation required by Russian authorities to transact and export petroleum products in accordance of Russian Commercial Code of Conduct.

Years Experience in Exportation


Direct Deliveries from Refineries

We receive all our petroleum products delivered from top major and private refineries

High Quality Fuel

We supply high grade certified quality petroleum products

Competitive price

With the unstable price of petroleum market, we always offer competitive price to our clients


All petroleum products are of Russian origin GOST