Oil Spillage and Clean up

Oil spillages in Russia

Not everyone knows about huge amount of oil spills on the ground every year in the country. The Russian crude oil industry are usually not aware of aging pipe that pours about 30 million barrels of oil per year – it is seven times more than spilled during a disaster on the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico.

Oil in Russia

According to official statistics, each year on oil pipelines occur about 11,500 accidents, which is why the Russian crude oil industry may be called the dirtiest in the world.

  • 4 500 000 тонн
  • 5 000 тонн
  • 17 000 тонн
  • 1 500 000 тонн
  1. 4,500,000 tons : base of data of independent experts, each year spreads about 4.5million tons of crude oil in Russia Federation.
  2. 5000 tons: Subsoil petroleum companies reports spills about 5 thousand tons spill during the year according to the report of Ministry Natural Resources and Environment on the problems of ecological for subsoil use on the territory of the Russian Federation.
  3. 17,000 tons: Rosprirodnadzor annally record considering the amount of inspections of crude oil spillage around 17 000 tons
  4. 1,500 000 tons: according to news reports from July 22, 2015 Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment report that 1,500 000 tons spilled in Russia.

So how many tons of oil spills in Russia? The exact figure is not known to anyone. Petroleum companies reported far not all spills and supervisors do not have time to monitor the situation. At the same time, oil companies, and the Ministry of Natural Resources, Rosprirodnadzor give absolutely different figures, which are also a fraction of expert data.

Why oil spills occurs?

Old pipelines

According to official statistics, the cause of about 97% of all accidents on oil pipelines in Russia – corrosion of pipes, which is due to the depreciation of equipment and improper operation. Many pipelines for over 30 years, whereas the period of trouble-free use is 10-20 years

Weak law

authorities allow extractive industries to work in conditions of almost total impunity. The worst thing that threatens the company in the event of a spill, it is a fine of a few dozen (in rare cases – hundreds) of thousands of rubles, for the fact that she did not report the accident in a timely manner.

Oil spills in Russia - a serious problem, but solvable: the replacement and modernization of existing pipelines to avoid the loss of up to 5 million tons of oil.

Effects of crude oil spills

Effect on nature

Oil – a toxic substance, and in contact with every living organism it causes poisoning. Small animals, once the oil spill, as a rule, immediately killed. Birds can not distinguish between the surface of the water from the oil slick: they sit on oil as the lake, and then begin to clean the feathers on the oil that enters the body, and die. For plants and trees spilled oil as disastrous: on uncleared oil spills for a very long time to grow there will be nothing; on reclaimed spills – there are completely different plants, mainly weeds. As a result, oil spill remediation and destroy natural ecosystems.
Often, companies simply mimic the process of land reclamation, digging up oil-soaked soil or falling asleep its sand. After several years of such practices most of the natural vegetation in the area of the spill killed. A recovery of nature in the harsh subarctic and arctic conditions will take dozens, and sometimes hundreds of years old. Black Ice – oil spills in the Komi do not stop. Young people – history Siberians living next to a big oil.

For people

Natives Komi (Komi, a Finno-Ugric people) every spring meet with buckets and shovels to clean up oil with their own hands, which spills from fresh ice on the rivers is black. Accidents on corroded pipelines happen here almost every day. The oil business came here a few decades ago, and during that time has made ​​the life of local residents unbearable: the water is undrinkable, poisoned forests, livestock die of intoxication.

What does Neftechemservis does to solve the problem of oil spills?

To crude oil spill it was smaller (and in the future – it won’t be), it is necessary to work hard: both the authorities and companies, and local residents and community organizations. We  provide services both in Russia and the CIS.