Petroleum Products

Neftechemservis LLC  sells and supply the below petroleum products from our refineries

Jet Fuel - Aviation Kerosene

Aviation Kerosene – which can be purchased at an affordable price in our company – it is a combustible liquid, transparent and slightly oily. It is produced by distillation or distillation of crude oil. Depending on the chemical composition and refining method, which is extracted from kerosene, its structure may include aliphatic hydrocarbons limit (which may be 20-60%), aromatic bicyclic (5-25%), naphthenic (20-50%), unsaturated (2%), and impurity oxygen, sulfur, nitrogen compounds.

In “Neftechemservis LLC” you can buy aviation kerosene TC-1 – the optimal solution for the relationship between the cost and delivery time. Jet fuel used in turboprop and turbojet engines, aviation devices not only as fuel but also as a coolant. It is used as a lubricant and fuel system parts. Accordingly, jet fuel must be different good anti-wear and low-temperature properties. It is also necessary qualities of jet fuel are high thermal stability and high specific heat of combustion.

Jet fuel are regulated by the interstate standard GOST 10227-86, approved by Decree of the USSR State Committee on Standards of November 21, 1986 № 3501.

Mazut - Fuel Oil

Fuel oil – type of fuel oil, derived mainly from petroleum products. Fuel oil is obtained by compounding (mixing) of heavy residues from primary distillation, secondary processes and by-products of oil production.

The most common mazut M-100, corresponding to GOST 10585-99 and 75 standard. fuel oil M-40 is different viscosity and the presence in the composition of the fuel oil M-40 a middle fractions (diesel fuel) to be added as an additive lowers the freezing temperature of fuel oil.

Fuel oil can be used as boiler fuel for various heat generators, as the main source of thermal energy for heating systems stationary steam boilers and industrial furnaces.

The main indicators of the quality of determining conditions for the use of fuel oil, are viscosity, sulfur content, combustion heat, pour point and flash, the water content and mechanical impurities, ash, cooking.

Neftechemservis sells fuel oil with specification GOST 10585-99 &  MAZUT 100 GOST 10585-75

Diesel gasoline

LLC “NEFTECHEMSERVIS” offers clients to buy fuel in bulk at the most attractive conditions. One of them is the optimal cost of gasoline, Also among the advantages of cooperation with our company are prompt delivery and an individual approach to each client.

We carefully monitor the quality of the gasoline sold in bulk, so the sale of petroleum products received that meet the highest international requirements. Control is also carried out even in the territory of the refineries, We can guarantee that our partners tanks gets only clean fuel.

Euro Class 5

Petrol AI-98 (AI-98-K5)
Gasoline A-95 (AI-95-K5)
Gasoline A-92 (A-92-K5)

Poor fuel quality – is not only a decline in performance, but also the risk of damage to automobile engines. We sell high standards with certifications of quality.

Bitumen - Heavy Oil

Bitumen, the price of which fluctuates along with the cost of oil – highly demanded building material. Properties of bitumen construction can actively use in the construction of highway roads, the production of roofing components, waterproofing foundations and pipelines. If you need to stick to roof insulation material or process reinforced concrete foundation base for the application of weld material in the course is asphalt.

Bitumen, which depends on the price of “black gold”, has a different seasonal cost. So, during the crisis year of 2009 bitumen price jumped from 6.5 thousand rubles per ton in early spring to 14 thousand rubles in July. And yet, despite such a sharp rise in price of asphalt, the price of which has increased more than twice.

Construction Bitumen – BN 70/30, BN 90/10
for construction works in various fields of national economy.

Anionic Emulsion Bitumen (road) – EBA For road construction and repair of roads.

Industrial Lubricants / Grease

Industrial oils

– Are used for the reduction of friction and wear and tear of machine tools, presses, rolling mills and other industrial equipment. Simultaneously, industrial oils must remove heat from friction units, to protect the parts from corrosion, clean the friction surface from contamination, be sealing means to prevent the formation of foam on contact with air, preventing the formation of stable emulsions with water.

GOST 20799-88

  • I-20A; 30A; 40A; 50A, I-5A, 8A

oil as a working fluid in hydraulic systems of machine equipment, automated lines, presses, and other mechanisms.


  • Insulating oils for submersible pump motors MDPN

TU 38.101413-97
Oil IGP-30

  • is used as a working fluid in hydraulic systems of machine tools, automatic transfer lines, presses. Viscosity 30.


  • Apply for the lubrication of reciprocating internal combustion engines. They are divided into oil for diesel engines, gasoline engines, universal oils for both types of engines. The variety of types of engine designs and their working conditions predetermines the need to apply for their lubricating engine oils.

Gear Oils

  • Gear oils are intended for use in friction transmission units of cars, trucks, buses, tractors, locomotives, road-building and other machines as well as in various gears and worm gears of industrial equipment.
    – Hydraulic oils used in hydrostatic machines systems, mobile terrestrial, marine engineering, etc.. mechanisms operated outdoors


  • The main purpose of lubrication is to reduce the wear of the friction surfaces to extend the life of machine parts and mechanisms. Arranges wear, preventing scuffing, galling, seizing. Prevents the penetration of gases, vapors, abrasive particles. Apply for corrosion protection. Protection during storage and transportation

Anti-Freezing agent

Quite often there are discussions about the best choice coolant for automobiles, Manufacturers have provided us with a wide range of liquids, which differ in their characteristics, composition, color, type, etc. Urgent question remains the choice of a suitable liquid, which not only will reliably protect the vehicle from overheating and corrosion, but will not destroy the vehicle.

With this special capability you can use anti-freeze on harsh winter ranges from -10 to -40c.

Antifreeze consists of the following;

  • ethylene glycol;

There are 2 types of antifreeze liquids;

  • ready to use antifreeze
    antifreeze concentrate.

they are not different, but only the ratio of water to composition. The concentrate must be diluted with water 1: 1, to obtain the finished fluid.

antifreezes has different colors. Thus, for example, can be found on the shelves of antifreeze green or blue. Some manufacturers use the color of the product and make it stand out as a high-quality and reliable product. For example, antifreeze in red, and the price of it rises in comparison with the same composition blue. It’s more like a publicity stunt, because in fact the composition can be identical, and the cost varies.

The difference between coolant (coolants) really is. 3 different categories:

  • G11;

Antifreeze category G 11 refers to the budget option. It includes significantly fewer additives which have a positive effect on the anti-corrosion, anti-foaming and other properties.

Antifreeze category G 12 and G 12+ have improved the composition .. The composition includes high quality additives that increase the service life of antifreeze and its properties:

  • anticorrosive (corrosion inhibitors);

The composition includes ethylene glycol, which prevents freezing even at -350S

Liquids of this type refers to organic antifreeze. The price for them is significantly more expensive than inorganic antifreeze (G11 category), but also qualitative characteristics above. One caveat when using organic antifreeze – the inadmissibility of the application, where contact with the yellow metal.

Category G 13 . Antifreeze with this category are considered to be ecological, because their composition is polypropylene. They do not contain toxic substances and decompose quickly, without polluting the environment.
An important selection criterion is matching the selected cooling fluid tolerances indicated in the manual for a particular brand of car.

Petroleum product price list

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