The company “Neftchemservic llc” has engaged in road construction since 2009. During this time we have gained extensive experience in asphalt pavement, as well as the past few years we have been using new, unique paving technology, patented in various advanced countries around the world.

Our priorities in our work – high competitiveness, execution of works “day to day” and . as the reputation of a reliable and high-quality contractor with its own equipment, the need for manual equipment, the presence of its own facilities and dormitories allow us to reduce the extra expense to a minimum, and thus to guarantee you optimum quality price in the market.

Our company solves the problems of varying degrees of complexity, from patching small yards to construction of urban roads and parking of the municipal and federal levels. in our organization a lot of work staffed by teams, the majority of workers in which the citizens of the Russian Federation, which for many customers has priority today.

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Our advantages:

  • New Unique Technology

    We include unique paving technology, patented in various advanced countries around the world.

  • International standard ISO 9001

    The presence of the SRO and the international standard ISO 9001 and other documentations

  • Property Management System

    We provide powerful and unique property management system

  • Personal Manager

    We provide personal manager from our willing and hard working staff to handle your project

Construction Types


This option is used when repairing roadway. If the customer satisfied that the overall height asfaltiruemoy area rises to the thickness of the selected coating, we recommend not to remove the old layer, it will strengthen the existing base.

Unless, of course, the primary base was carried out correctly.


This option includes the paving and compacting asphalt crumb 10 cm. Or 10 cm limestone rubble. And then asphalt.This is an option for temporary roads, which for physical reasons not possible to give a guarantee.

In exceptional cases, when the specifics of soil geology, this option may be suitable as a satisfactory solution of tasks in the near future.


This version of the device with the pie, but with substantial savings on materials. Sand bed is not more than 15 cm., Crushed stone no more than 10 cm., And asphalting of 5 cm.

This option is more durable than the previous version, our organization is ready to give a guarantee for such work, but no more than 1 year.


This is a common Russian standard, in which the sand base is 50 cm., Then 25 cm. Macadam base 6 cm. Coarse-grained asphalt concrete mixture and 5 cm. The fine-grained asphalt concrete mixture.

This option is durable, allowed heavy vehicular traffic, trucks, dump trucks, tractors and other, but it is more desirable in their constant movement below described “Cargo standard.” standard Warranty – 2 years


This option is most common in major companies, where the movement of freight transport on the territory of fairly intense (large warehouses, industrial complexes).

The principal difference from the standard truck asphalting, in addition to increasing the sandy grounds of 10-20 cm., And the base of crushed stone 5-10 cm., Is the presence of concrete by 10-12 cm. It substantially strengthens the foundation of our company is pleased to offer a guarantee on such works of 3 years.


This option is rarely used the least in our country, but the technology is quite popular in European countries. The base may here be less than we offered previously in the “cargo version”, but the thickness of the first layer – 30 cm., The second – 10 cm.

The surface is a more smooth, and the guarantee for such work, we are ready to give 5 years.